Capra Adventures was born with the goal to share the founders’ love for nature, wellness, running, and new challenges.  The Capra Adventures team aims to offer high quality outdoor experiences in Corsica with an emphasis on personal growth and relationships.  We believe that hiking & running provide a vehicle for personal development, health and mental resilience, which can be applied beyond sporting activities.  It is our dearest wish that Capra Adventures contributes to not only in making you healthier and stronger but also to help you develop new perspectives that will have a lasting impact in your live.  

Corsica, our home, is perfect for outdoor activities, such as hiking, trail running, swimming, kayaking, and discovering a vibrant mediterannean culture with strong traditions. We have selected breathtaking experiences, high-end accommodation, and practical workshops to make your time with us a wonderful experience and provide long lasting memories.

We look forward to starting this incredible journey with you.