Capra Adventures was born with the goal to share the founders’ love for nature, wellness, running, and new challenges.  The Capra Adventures team aims to offer high quality and fun experiences in Corsica with an emphasis on personal growth and connections.

Capra offers three type of Adventures:

  1. Capra Vacation: no minimum fitness required.  Designed as an active holiday combining wellness and culture for curious guests looking to discover Corsica while deepening their understanding of well-being & health
  2. Capra Camp: a fully guided running camp for trail runners looking to improve their skills and/or prepare for an ultra trail
  3. Capra Challenge: complete the infamous 170km GR20 in less than 5 days

Capra is also offering individual coaching for marathon & ultra trail with specific modules on mental resilience and sport nutrition.

Running provides a vehicle for personal development, health and mental resilience, which can be applied beyond sport activities.  It is our dearest wish that Capra Adventures contributes not only in making you a better trail runner but also help you develop new perspectives with long-term impact in your live.



The best way to assess is to look at the programs Camp and Challenge.  If you still feel unsure then please Contact usand we will organbise a call a call or meeting to discuss and assess your fitness.