We offer individualised, holistic, and research-based coaching to allow you to flourish and reach your goals.  We emphasise health, injury prevention and longevity in training. We have personally experienced the power of transformation and we are very much aware of the challenge to juggle demanding jobs, raising families and staying healthy, while also having fun and enjoying a passion like running.

Our Coaching Services

What makes us different?


Capra - Northburn100
  • From unfit executives, we became world-class master athletes
  • Competing in ironman, 160km ultra trails, sub 3hr marathons
  • Professional endurance coaching certified – UESCA, HPW Scholar


  • Health and injury prevention is always first
  • Holistic – health & sports are not detached from the rest of your life
  • Only working with a maximum of 5 clients at a time –  personalised attention
  • Based on solid research & experience-based


Capra - Northburn 100
  • You acquire the training process to be healthy, injury free while improving your fitness
  • You become much better connected with you body & mind
  • You achieve your specific racing or fitness goals

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